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Today I continue to work with Drive, and i come with a quest to find ways to identify the correct row i need, Let me explain…

I have this worksheet

And on this worksheet i have to input data extracted before into some fields depending on their column type (a simple excel automation practice…)
Where it comes tricky is that I need to identify the next available row to start writing the data, and the first 3 columns are not the object for that criteria, what I mean by that is that the first 3 columns (“DATE”, “CIERRE” AND “RESPONSABLE”) are columns that are not related to the other data of the column, therefore their level in terms of row in the table has no relevance with the rest of the table.

In the end, what I want to say is that I need to know which is the next row to write the data, counting only the columns starting from number 3 (columns other than those already mentioned).

I thought of ways to do it with a For Each and an If, but I still feel like I’m not seeing the whole picture to come up with a much simpler way.

Let me know then what comes to mind.

Thank you very much and greetings.

Hi @Luis_Fernando,
Follow the steps:-
->Read excel file with range “D1”, say datatable dt
->Count number of rows in datatable, i.e. row_count= dt.Rows.Count
where row_count is variable of type integer.
->Use write cell as “D”+(row_count+2).tostring for writting data in “D” column.
similarly, write cell can be used to write data for all columns.
Hope this helps!
Thanks and Regards,
Ayushi Jain

Hello @_Ayushi_Jain

Thank you so much for your feedback. I don’t quite think you understood what I’m asking for or maybe I didn’t understood you as good. Feel is not the solution i’m searching.