Random issue with "Find Text" and "Find element" activities

I’m facing this situation with Find text and Find Element activities.
I developed a robot who has to repeat several steps about 500 times, inside the steps I’m using Find Text and Find element but “sometimes” those activities fall in an “not found exception” but the element and text exists.
In every execution the “not found exception” of that activities ocurrs in differents times.
May be it’s a bug?
Thanks in advance.
Ana KBS.

Hi @Ana_Blanco ,

Welcome to UiPath community,

The key to successfully finding the text and element depends on understanding the selector. As I do not have visibility into your issue, I can only recommend ways to find the “right” selector.

Open two UiExplorer and compare two similar elements with different texts. Analyse the attributes to identify which are usable.

Attribute values:

  1. that does not change - not usable
  2. change in a consistent and repeatable manner - usable.
  3. avoid “idx” because it may not be 100% reliable but in some instances this is preferred

Also try to surround the activities Find Text and Find Element in a try-catch-block and add activity Log Message.

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