Find my activation key

hi everyone
how do I find the activation key?
im not installed in the regular place and those are the files that I have

and now i found those files as well

Hi @dlichten

Go to license folder and check it


i open license and it gave me those files
i dont know how to use them

Hi @dlichten

You mean to say you are not able to find activate.exe if that is the case can you uninstall uipath studio and check


first im talking to u from another computer
im trying to do the license on another computer
and what do i need to check if i will uninstall?

Hi @dlichten

dont need to uninstall

Check the path based on appdata and check whether you are able to see the Activate.exe or raise a ticket to Technical Support

Ashwin S

didnt found the activate.exe
(and I just checked and they dont assist community users)
i tried to send for another trial…


Hope you connected your Robot machine with Orchestrator cloud and acquired licence.

If yes then go to your tenant region in the Orchestrator and then Licence page. Here, you will find license key but it won’t show full key.

May I know why you want this key ?

i wanted it to connect another computer of mine to my account
but never mind someone told me it wont work

but thank u anyway

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