Find Image Matches - Default Clipping Region clarifications

Hello Team,

I have been using Find Image Matches Activity to get the co-ordinates of an which gets matched with the primary image.

For eg: I have a set of numbers in my primary image (say 1 to 20). I use image with number 1 to compare and find out if it exists. The results are obtained however the default clipping region has X, Y, W and H parameters which are very much outside the boundary of the identified image.

Are there any settings to correct this?

I have provided the Primary Image, Number images like 1, 2. Also the co-ordinates obtained by “Find Image Matches” for numbers 1 and 2 as orange rectangles as part of 1252-with-rectangles.jpg
I would need help in reducing the “Y” co-ordinate so that further image processing actions can be performed.

Please do let me know if any more details required. (138.8 KB)

Thank you.

Hello Team,

Do you need any additional details for providing guidance or solution?


Hello Expert Team,

Could you suggest if there is a solution available for this problem? If not, then do point it so that I can look for a different tool which can fit this kind of issues. Thanks.

Hi All,

I had a crude fix for this problem based on pattern matching, it works fine. Thanks for making me to understand the problem better to find a solution on my own :slight_smile:

How can I get the “Find Image Matches” activity code, so that I can modify a bit for my needs? Thanks in advance for replying.