Sort Find Image Matches output

Hello, am using Find Image Matches,clicking through the loop,but it clicking out of order.How can i sort it?

sort by what - image name ?


What do you mean out of order?
activity you will write in sequence that will execute one after one.


I want that robot clicks in order, not in random order

Robot clicks elements in random sequence, not in order

Can you please share the screen shot ? May be then I get some idea.

I don’t know what the solution is but when you use Find image matches lets say on a screenshot that contains many similar icons in a column. If you iterate through those images they won’t be necessarily in the order they appear in the column on the screenshot. (I think that’s what @dproger is suggesting). I don’t know how to deal with that as I don’t think that there is any way to adjust the way find image matches looks for the image.

Maybe there could be a way of sorting them by their position (X or Y) if that can be retrieved for each of the returned images.

You can access clipping region properties. I had an issue where it wasn’t clicking in order i.e. top to bottom.

Using the Y co-ordinate as something to order will resolve this…Use X if they are on the same row.

imageMatches is your output from from FindImageMatches activity

Use a new assign to imageMatches with the value of something like:

imageMatches.OrderBy(Function(image) image.ClippingRegion.Rectangle.Value.Y)

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you saved me there, buddy. Thanks a bunch