Find Files and Folders Gsuite Activity

Hello, I need help finding a subfolder in gdrive using the Find Files and Folders gsuite activity. What I want to do is upload a file inside a subfolder in gdrive. For example: I have an excel file that I want to save in supplier>year>month. May I know what I should put in “search for objects:” to find the month folder?

Here’s what I’ve made so far:

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can you try this

"name contains 'month'"


there are several folders in my drive with the name month. will it create a conflict?
for example:

I want to upload the file in supplier>year>month

Hi @kevzki

Try to get the FileId of the Parent folder and then use Parent FileId in parents search along with the name like below

Folder structure in google drive


Code snippet for reference

Hope this helps

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Thanks a lot!!

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