How to use get attribute Property in Ui Path Sequence

Hi All Friends,

Please guide how can i use Get attribute Activity in Ui Path Sequence. Please tell me how to set Properties for Get Attribute Activity. Please find attached screenshot for reference .Please tell how to set Attribute section in Options field. Please find highlighted in screenshot.

Hello @varun_shinde
Get attribute will help to fetch the attributes of that particular element which you inspected.

For example aaname,idx,rownum etc… Refer the below doc

For example, I have a checkbox. I need to know if it is selected or not. Then, I will spy that element and pass the attribute as “checked”, I will get the value of the element.

@varun_shinde It looks like you want to check whether the check box is checked/ unchecked. If that is the case click on the drop down in the Attribute field and choose checked from the list. check the results

Also, Check True is not in the list of attributes. Hence it is showing that error