Activity time out error for find element

hi,actually in my workflow i am finding and getting the data from web
i want to collect 200 rows from web and write into excel while running my workflow i am extracting 10 rows of data later, i am getting error on find element activity i.e activity timeout exceeded but my selector is valid and if i highlight it is been identified but getting error activity timeout exceeded
plz help me in solving these


Do you have paging in the web page table, during data scraping have you identified the paging element?

i will be like first it moves one company data and extracts each column data and writes into excel and then moves to another company data so for column like industry its getting this error sometimes it is getting for my get text activity


Share your workflow or the Selector you are using

here ia m geeting element no longer valid
some times i am getting for find like activity time out exceeded

anyone would help me in this workflow
it would be a great help

In Internet Explorer it is working still, more than 13 pages data scraped. Let me check until error occur

after 13 its getting errors in get text and find element ,it would be helpful if u solve for me


Instead of using Anchor base to extract the data you can use data scraping method and it will give you a single column data table, so you can get the required value from that but looping it and check the row value = Industry then the next row value should be industry name. Likewise you can get the whole data by manipulating the data table.