Find Children Selector Error (+row+)

Hello all,

I’m currently working with Find Children for a table in a webpage, with the idea of get text of each child in the table.

I have assigned the row value(as int tablerow) before going into the for each child loop, and have set the get text activity. Understood here in the get text we are to edit the selector to get the row value so that it can be looped accordingly, so I have edit the Selector as below:


and got the error:

I have go through checking I’m using the right double quote and all that and still got the error.
Can anyone help on this, if there error is coming from something else?

have a look here on how we can better inject a variable within a selector:

related to your issue: It looks like you are trying to assign a string into the selector expression box, which is spanning over multines.

give a try on
" line 1 string " +
" line 2 abc=‘“+Var+”’ efg "


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thanks a lot for the reference! that worked for me

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