Find Attachement in E-Mail (imap)


I am trying to save specific files I receive through e-mail. I could get imap messages and iterate through them and through the attachements (How to save only a specific file type using Save Attachment activity? - #9 by vvaidya). Sometimes “Path.GetExtension(mailAttachement.Name).ToString” only sees .dat extension. E-mails written on outlook with “html” enabled are sending such extensions. If I switch outlook to “Text Only” my workflow works fine. How can I access these “special” e-mails if I check this e-mails with: mailAttachement.ContentType.MediaType.ToString i receive “application/ms-tnef”.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advanced

Hi @KonHi

Check this

Ashwin S

Thank you,

as far as I can see, they have still the problem and no solution. I will follow the thread.