Find and save relative image

Hi Community,

Is it possible to load an image file (jpg/pdg) search it for image occurence and scrape/crop/copy and image relative to the found one? It would be similiar to Scrape Relative OCR wher you set the image and the relative area for OCR. Instead of an OCR I need to get a found Iimage.

The OCR Activity reads the Image as Input but there is no way to use this variable elsewhere.

Is it possible to perform this task and how?


Can you please check this link: Open an Image on a folder

Let me know if it help your requirement and share further queries if any.


Thanks for the answer. The solution I’m looking for is a bit different. I’m able to open an image, but I need to find an anchor graphics element within the opened file (pdf or jpg) and get the image relative to anchor (the purpose is to crop the realitve rectangle but challenge is to find the anchor and set the relative area).