Relative Scrape entire PDF


I am trying to relative scrape a PDF in order to apply it dynamically to similar PDFs. I am able to get the information I want from the scraping but in order to get certain items from different pages on the PDF I have to scroll to that page in order for the relative image to be found. Is there a way so I do not have to scroll through the PDF? Thanks in advance.

You can use “Anchor base” activity to find the relative element and perform action on the basis of relative element and for the Image part. You can use this custom activity.

or you can use this activity. It is easy to use


Hi anmolk171,

Thanks for your response. I am not looking to obtain an image from the PDF I am attempting to relatively scrape a field that is located on a different page within the PDF. Is there somewhere I can specify to search the entire PDF rather than the active page?

hello @ZackPatterson ,

Have u solved this problem, because i am stuck too in the same situation. if you could help