PDF Image Data Extraction

Hi community!
I have some pdfs, all contain images. I want to extract the data from the image. I use Screen Scraping and Scrape relative. It works on single file but since I have multiple files, and each file has different data in images, so Screen Scraping gets failed when extracting the data from multiple files. Please guide me does anyone have some hints or clues for me?? Please it’s urgent!

I am grateful to you!

Majorly the issues that I face yet are: Activity timeout exceeded, Scrape returned empty text, Image not found, Selector not found, etc. Please help or give clues so that I can approach the method that can lead me towards the solution.
Thanks for your help!

@hassanalilgu - Please check this link https://forum.uipath.com/t/balareva-pdf-activities/51710/4

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