How to use uielement

if im using find element activity the output will be uielement so how can i use them in upcoming steps?

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@Jebarohith19 That Depends on what do you want to do after you get the UiElement :sweat_smile:

ok then for eg im saying if i find a required image in a browser i should pop up a message box success
now how should i use the uielement variable

@Jebarohith19 For that kind of tasks, I guess you can use Image Exists or Element Exists to Check if the Image is Present, Then you can do the decisions based on the Output

no i want to know how find image works and how can i use uielement activity as input to another activity

@Jebarohith19 Find Image Finds the Image indicated in the Screen, the Output of that is a UiElement where using that UiElement you can Extract that Image, Extract the Attributes of the Image such as title, name etc. Yes, you can also use that UiElement as an Input, For Example After Find Image gets you the UiElement Variable, you can use it as an Input in Click Activity, Which it will then make a click to that Image

for a find image activity if im creating “img” as a uielement variable how can i give “img” varibale to a click activity(as input)

@Jebarohith19 In the Input Property Panel of the Click, There is Element Property, You can assign it there :sweat_smile:

i cannot see any element property here

@Jebarohith19 Select Target Dropdown, You’ll get Element :sweat_smile:

it is showing null in dropdown

@Jebarohith19 Check this :


found it in click image activity . i was searching in click activity …thank you @supermanPunch

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@Jebarohith19 Even Click Image has Element Property :sweat_smile:

see it is not there

@Jebarohith19 That is Strange :thinking:, Can you send that xaml file

imageappear.xaml (6.0 KB)

@Jebarohith19 Set the Target Property as Target, Then you’ll get a Dropdown where there is Element Property