Find a parent element

I have the following HTML code in the web page:

... N.B. It's only part of HTML code. There are many other tags before and after this part.

I need to find a text of the second span (‘sometext’ value in this particular example). However, I can’t use a class of this span because it’s used in the other tags (including other spans). Only a class name of the latest span is unique. So I can find the the latest span using the following expression:

How can I find a value of the second span in this case?

HTML Code:

<div class="_3dtfX">
<div class="_3CneP">
<span class="_357i8">
<span dir="auto" class="_3ko75 _5h6Y_ _3Whw5">sometext</span>
<div class="_3XFan"></div>
<div class="m61XR"></div>
<div class="_1582E">
<div class="_3tBW6"><span class="_2iq-U"><span dir="ltr" class="_3ko75 _5h6Y_ _3Whw5"></span></span></div>
<div class="m61XR">
<div class="ZKn2B"><span class="_31gEB">1</span></div>