How to get all tags with value of 'SPAN' inside an HTML form

So I have this pop-up window form that I update the datas on. After updating, I need to get all of the Divs or Drop-downs with empty values. If an empty value exists, a ‘SPAN’ tag will appear with an aaname of “Required Field”. I am trying to get all the DIV’s with tag ‘SPAN’ as I know that they are the DIVS that contains an empty field. I sorry if it’s quite confusing, I hope you can help. Thank you.


By using find children activity you can achieve your requirement.

You have to select the top html tag in the find children activity so that it would provide you all the child tags after that you can loop them to get your values.

Please refer the below link for more guidance. Thanks.

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Thanks! I’ll try this

Hi @Shinjid

Please use find children activity select the parent node of the SPAN tag and apply Filter as <webctrl tag='SPAN'/>

Thank you.


Thanks! I did the filterring then I looped through each UiElem to get their aanames.

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Thank you! the link helped get the attributes that I need.

Happy to hear that it’s help you.

your welcome.

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