Filtering the excel sheet in uipath based on colour and pasting it into the other excel sheet

Hi guys,
Please help me out ,i want to filter an excel sheet based on the colour background of a particular column and paste it into the another excel file.Suppose that in an excel sheet of a particulat column we have different background colour like yellow,green and blue.

So, my job is to get the yellow coloured data in another excel file and same should be applied to other colour also.

Thanks in advance.


Welcome to the uipath community.

Use Get Cell Colour activity to get the colour of the cell.

But how the filtration of column will be done based on column, let suppose that in a particular column i have data in 10 cells of yellow colour in background, 20 cells of green and 5 cells of orange then how each colored data can be put into different excel files,it should be dynamic in nature.