Filtering sheet not found

Hello, I am working within an excel scope, and I am trying to filter out data; however, I am getting the error sheet not found for the sheet in question that I need to filter. I have double checked the names of the sheets and the tables, but I haven’t come up w anything yet

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There may be some spaces between or after the names of the sheets, try copy and pasting the sheet names from excel

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Kindly check whether the sheetnames in the excel has any space at the end
And mention the sheet name within double quotes here in the studio
Cheers @csewall3

Hi @csewall3

Use Get workbook sheets and check sheet name…

That activity return a collection of sheets and also you can use the index to get the sheet name from. The collection



I have double checked the names of my sheet and they are correct. it is simply Sheet1. i got the system argument exception from this error

Hi @csewall3

I would definitely second @Ajju’s comment about using the “Get Workbook Sheets” activity.

how would I implement this to see the output of my sheet’s index?

Is there only a single sheet in the excel file?

There are multiple sheets in the excel file, to access them, I switch tabs to the second one where I click on a pivot table which opens up a tab at the previous index. I then have to navigate to this tab to filter the data, but it says it doesnt exist

kindly share your xaml if possible with all files zipped together as zip file
including project.json file and the excel sample as well
this can be solved
Cheers @csewall3

To reference a given sheet, something along the lines of nameOfList.Item(indexOfSheet). The list is the output of the “Get Workbook Sheets” activity and the index is an integer referencing the desired sheet in the list. This does require you to know what order the sheets are in.

Hope this helps!