Table not found exception in filter table activity

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I am trying to filter a excel table , which is a pivot table but filter table activity throws , not found exception.
What might be the issue ? Please refer the following pictures

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We do have a table when it looks like this


an is created by insert Table Command and defining the table name.
Check in Excel on Ribbon Formula β†’ Name Manager if Table1 is existing in your Excel

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Yeah and I have got is a Pivot table , so will I have to convert it into a table too ? will it possible ?

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당신이 λ§Œλ“  μ˜ˆμ œνŒŒμΌμ„ μ—…λ‘œλ“œ ν•΄ 쀄 수 μžˆλ‚˜μš”?

lets do one by one:

the error on table name not found was adressed with first feedback from above. Is it gone?

To continue rhe work on filtering it depends to your requirements / what is to filter. It has the risk to lose the groups and maybe can be handled better within filtering on datatable base after readin excel with read range and some postprocessing

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For the sake of Google lense , I could able to understand what you said :joy: :joy:

Sure , here is the project file that I created.

Main.xaml (7.8 KB)

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