Filtering of excel data

if I have 20 company names I have to enter 20 names in the data filter activity …???

Else you can save those names In Array and then by using For Each you can loop it
so no need to use 20 filter datatable activity

ok… I will try this…thank you so much for helping all of you

i’m so sorry about this… I have 125 companies in my list

where is Your list of companies names are stored?

In my excel data only… one company came many time in my data… that’s why I have 1500+ rows.

If those are in excel sheet
then by using For each row u can iterate it
say in 1st row A Company is present
then for that company i.e. NameOfCompany=Row(“Company Name”).tostring
Read Main sheet
Input :- MainDatatable Output:- NewDt
In columns: “Company Name” = NameOfCompany
Write Range to write this Company Data
then Clear Data Table for next iteration

Do you have the list of companies???

for this in For each row activity I can use data filter activity… you are saying this this only right…??

yes I have list of companies with related also

This for each row use for Company names only as template

This will help you to understand
Comp Data.xlsx (10.4 KB) Company Names.xaml (12.1 KB) Cop Names.xlsx (7.7 KB)

thank you so much… I will refer those

I don’t want to store 125 excel sheets but each excel sheet will mail to the respective mail ids… means I want to send to 125 mail ids… which will automatically mail… that I want…
for that i wrote workflow… i’m attaching now… you can refer.Main.xaml (11.0 KB)
any modifications requires in my workflow… you can change

Sorry for late reply…

so as i told earlier

after write range you can use send mail activity and then clear that excel for next iteration
Example: Company Names.xaml (15.6 KB) Cop Names.xlsx (7.8 KB)

No problem… thank you I will try