Filtering Jobs with http request


I am trying the filter the jobs on orchestrator by their state and hostname.
I am using the http request activity.
I couldn’t find a solution. Any ideas?

(Also i feel like i should have post this to rpa advance section but even though i’ve completed the level three i still can’t post. Any ideas about that also would be great.)

Thanks in advance

Hi @dcrt

Check this


That is not my question but thank you

Hi @dcrt

A few things in your post. Let’s tackle them one by one.

  1. The API guide can be found here:
    About OData and References

It contains a bit that will guide on how to open a Swagger reference with for all endpoints:

If something is not clear, there are a lot of examples of API calls on the Forum :slight_smile:

  1. To be able to post in Advanced category, you need to be a member of the advanced group on the Forum. The process is semi-automatic and requires you to manually request to join the group:
    Uipath academy - advanced - UiPath Community Forum
    We have a robot that checks all those requests every hour :slight_smile:
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Thank you!

I am able to do filtering on browser but when i do the same thing on studio with http request activity it isn’t working. I think that’s my main problem.

My end point is this:


Any help would be appereciated :slight_smile:

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