Is there any Orchestrator api get jobs filter?

this is the get jobs endpoint im using and all history of jobs are captured and it makes the process long so is there any filter on this endpoint? like per day?

Hi @joscares ,
Have you checked it?

I tried constructing the new endpoint always receiving invalid odata query


You can use filter clause like these

Cheers @joscares

I tried this kind of query but it still not valid query



in the filter you did not provide what field to be filtered


we would miss the exact filter criteria within the expected syntax

You can also prototype with swagger:

taken from: Orchestrator - API References

And applying modifications as defined here:

I created this new filter and still invalid query


can you identify whats wrong?


Still in the first part there is no key identifier which is being filtered

WSAMZN-AF1Q27IS and StartTime gt 2023-09-13T08:00:00