Filter/Enumerable Function in Multiple Rows, Same Column

Hello everyone! Thank you in advance for looking into my question. I’m very new to UiPath so apologies in advance if this question is very basic.

I am looking at a datable and want a TRUE or FALSE result based on a table condition. I am looking to know if there are any rows in which column A has a combination of 2 strings.

For instance, if Row1 has ColumnA=1 and Row2 has ColumnA=Z, this table fits the criteria. But if Row1 has ColumnA=1 and there are no rows in which ColumnA=Z, or Y or X, then the table does not fit the criteria.

Column A combinations:

  • 1 and Z
  • 1 and Y
  • 1 and X
  • 2 and Z
  • 2 and Y
  • 2 and X
  • 3 and Z
  • 3 and Y
  • 3 and X

I have tried to use a datatable filter, but because the filter is within the same column, I was not successful. I ended up with results in which one of the strings was found, but no the combination of two strings. I have also tried an enumerable function but was unable to get it to work on across multiple rows as well.


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To start with you are on right track of using filter…now what you need to do is…use two filter activities…

  1. Filter the datatable with 1 first check the count dt.Rowcount>0 then one row with 1 is present
  2. Repeat the same with X or Y or Z as needed and check the count again…

If both are >0 then your criteria is met

Hope this helps


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Thanks so much!!!

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