Filter the data within excel sheet by passing start date and end date


i have attached input excel sheet…the requirement is to sort the values within excel based on date values based on start date and end date…used filter table but didn’t help…kindly help


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hi @Samsanditha,

Please go through it, you might get the solution.


Hi @Samsanditha

If you want to sort the data table, the filter data table activity is not the one you should use. You have to use the Sort Data table activity to sort the data in the required order

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Sorry my bad i need to filter the data based on date.

Thank you

no worries…
So when you use the filter data table activity, what happens? does it throw any error?

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i am passing the date value to be filtered as"16-08-2019"…but in the output excel sheet it is not updating the changes.


Can I see a screenshot of the filter data table activity to see how you have done it?

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…Date column also has timestamp is it not working because of that???


once you filtered with the date …the output of the filter data table you are writing into excel or not ?

it is not filtering the date which i specified…its writing all the values


in the screenhot, Row Filtering Mode you have set it to Remove. So basically what happens here is, it will look for that date and remove it from the data table leaving rest of the dates in the data table. That’s why you are seeing all the values. I suppose for your requirement this should be set to Keep, not Remove

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i even tried using keep filter option…it didn’t work


I assume the format shown in the excel is not the actual format the data is in. Select one date in the excel and see the excel formula bar for the exact format of the date. So you have to use the format shown in the formula bar :slight_smile:

Try and let me know whether it works

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i have attached the zip file if time persist just have a look over it …copied exact date format but still not able to filter

Do you find solution for this? I have exact problem.

Please open up a new forum post and share your issue with some sample data…we will take a look and assist.