How to filter date column in excel datatable using filter datatable activity

i need to filter date column in excel using filter datatable activity.which operation should i use if it should start from specific date.

Please guide if anyone knows.


Please find the workflow here -

thanks but my doubt is cant we do with filter datatable activity?

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Yes. You can filter the dates using the Filter DataTable Activity.

Make sure that, the column in the datatable should be DateTime data type.

Create a DateTime variable with a date and use the same variable in the Value field (condition).

For creating date -
dtDate = new DateTime(2019, 01, 03)

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in excel i have column as date with values 2018-01-01.Now i want to filter those dates starting from 2018-01-01. how can i do this

Create a datetime variable, dateFilter = new DateTime(2018,01,01)

In filter data table activity,
In the column field enter column name, select condition, and in the value field enter “dateFilter”

i tried what u said.I am getting blank excel

@SUPRIYA123 Refer this Post

Use assign activity & add into To:variable1(ArrayOfDataRow)=Value:Refer below image

Yes… you can refer this also… its work

if we give like that in assign activity,it is showing error as datarow cannot be converted to datatable

@SUPRIYA123 Is it possible to attach sample excel file and can you specify from which date you needs to filter

ok.I want from 2018-01-01
filtered workitems.xlsx (8.8 KB)

@SUPRIYA123 Check this xaml file Main.xaml (9.9 KB)


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refer below image




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