Filter Table not executing

I want to put a filter on the excel table. but its not working. Can you please let me know if this is correct

@rsuresh, Refer this,

Dom :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.

i want to filter the column name so that it contains only one value. If i dont provide the filter options , what will the filtertable filter?

It gives me the same error with/without filter options.
It says “the table doesnot exists”. But i created the table through automation itself just before the filter table activity.

Can you please me know what the possible error could be


you mean only distinct ones ?

This will throw an error Required Filter Options

This is where you could see your table name. Can you tell me how are you creating table using automation ?

Dom :slight_smile:

I go to Insert tab and them click on Table icon and create table.
To get the table name , i go to Design tab and get the table name as you have showed in screenshot

I have these things in the table

Name Age
A 27
A 23
A 17
B 23
B 21
B 25

I want to filter the table for name ‘A’ only.
Can you please let me know how it can be done through automation?

Hi @rsuresh,
Use this code to filter name is “A” alne
Dt =Dt.Select("Name='A'").CopyToDataTable()

Refer this for more information about datatable