Filter Table activity

Hi! Can anyone help me on this error please?, I’m just a newbie here…

Background: I have table in one tab named “BankDetials” (using the name manager) and the other tabs are named after the bank account names, then I need to filter that table by particular bank account name and copy and paste it to respective bank account tabs.

With this, i use the following activities: 1. Filter Table and 2. Copy Paste Range, but it threw below error:

Thanks in advance! God bless…

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can i have a view on the on the filter datatable wizard a screenshot if possible
make sure that the index is mentioned without double quotes
like just 1 , 2 and not “1”, “2”


sorry are you referring to the properties pane of the Filter Table?

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no buddy the FILTER WIZARD in the filter datatable activity or
fine no worries property panel will be fine
kindly share that screenshot pls

Hi @Palaniyappan, thanks for this… see below:

how and where can i see the filter wizard?

sorry i thought filter datatable activity one sec pls
let me check it once

Sure… thanks much, I really appreciate your kindness:)


Correct me if i am wrong. are you using Filter Table Activity? for filtering Excel table?

Then these below existing thread might be useful for you :slight_smile:


Thanks @aksh1yadav!, actually i used one of the sample from the thread (FilterTableExample), but then, i still encountered that error…

hmm everything looks correct
is the columnname mentioned is correct and kindly check whether that column is present in that table and that table is there in the mentioned sheet


Hi, error which you are getting it is due to wrong sheet name :slight_smile:
so just check your sheet name and check for extra spaces are present in name or space in the beginning of name.

and also check your table name is correct or not :slight_smile:

if still facing problem, just give a try to my very old example and try to correlate :slight_smile:


Yeah…everything is correct, but I don’t know why that error is throwing up…, by the way what does the error mean?, can you explain it to me?..thanks…

done checking, sheet name and table name is correct.

will you be able to share your excel?


Aw… apologies but the excel file is containing confidential data and our company is very strict on company data… i hope you understand…, would it be possible if we do skype so i can share with you my screen instead?

may or you can do one thing too :slight_smile:
just copy your excel and remove data and put some rows random data :slight_smile:


Hi @aksh1yadav, here is the sample file…

need to filter by “BO_ELS_MASSON_SAS” and paste it to tab “BO_ELS_MASSON_SAS” at cell “I2”

@HILOMAP Where? :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry how to attach file here?? @aksh1yadav , i have uploaded the file but its not showing…