Filter rows and columns from excel


I have an excel sheet with data for different products at channel and specialty level for 20 weeks (column). I have to

  1. Filter the data for a particular channel and specialty (which are other columns in the excel)
  2. Filter data for the latest 5 weeks out of the given 20 weeks - column header is in date format and unable to read this date format in UiPath. If there is a way to pivot the data down, it’ll help solve this problem
  3. Write this filtered data in a new excel sheet and add a column to the filtered data table

I am able to filter the data for particular channel and specialty but unable to write the data in a new sheet.
On Point 2 and Point 3, any suggestion or direction will be helpful as i am novice in this and this task needs to be done immediately.

I have attached the input excel file and .xaml file (which i am working on).

Any help will be appreciated.


Filter_data_file.xlsx (17.0 KB)
filter_data_1.xaml (8.1 KB)

New.xaml (18.2 KB)

I have attached my work to solve your problem.
I agree that it take more time to compelte. If your excel have less records then it should not be a problem.
Change excel sheet path and test.


@alk_kumar Man your sequence is awesome! Thank you!

How to keep table headers in Sheet1 & Sheet2?

BTW I unchecked ‘visible’ in both Excel App Scope, and execution time went down from 4" tp 2" :slight_smile: