Filter data table row using date

I have a datatable with a column date format like 9/2/2020 6:35:00 PM, i took the name of the folder containing the date that i have to use to filter out rows.

E.g the folder contains date of Feb 10 in the name (abc-20200210) , therefore i have to use 10/02/2020 -2 days to filter the data so that only rows equal or after 8/2/2020 remains.

I tried using filter data table but nothing is written to it, how can i do it?

Main.xaml (17.9 KB)

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Hi @Zac_Soh,

Try using Build Data Table activity, create same table structure as that of excel, and make datatype of column as DateTime in which dates are stored.

Thank You,
Shubham Pratap

I’ve tried that including trimming away the time but it’s filtering that is giving me problems, i can’t seem to make it work and it will just either write nothing or everything to excel

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check the date format which you are getting in after splitting nd all
then as i saw your workflow you have split and change it in date format and store it in Readfile variable but in filter datatable you are using Dat variable and there is no data in Dat.
chk and confirm

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I’ve made a simpler flow, please take a look
Book99.xlsx (976.6 KB) Main.xaml (12.6 KB)

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Try this for getting the filename you need.

Test.xaml (6,4 Ko)

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