Filter property for "Get Exchange Mail Messages"

Hello All,

Looking/Good to have a Filter property for “Get Exchange Mail Messages” as simillar to ‘Get Outlook mail messages’ ,

with this we can primarly increase the performance by retrieving specific timeframe mails using “Get Exchange Mail Messages” and so on…

@loginerror - Could you check this one

Hi @pradeepkintali

It seems reasonable and from what I could see, it is also being considered by our team. No promises on when, but it should eventually be implemented :slight_smile:


Cool @loginerror, Good to hear…
not seen any where that your team is being considered. Thanks for the information


@loginerror - from your 1st Aug reply i can see that it is being considered by your team, Can i see any flag for that “As considered” / “in implementation” something likethis, for other ideas i’ve seen tag’s like"i_considered".


@loginerror - looking to hear from you

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@loginerror – Thanks for considering , Hope it will be helpfull to those who are working with “Get Exchange Mail Messages”.


Hi All,
Has anyone achieved the above scenario…? (Filter exchange email messages)

Awesome, this is in the 2020.3 release.
Kudos to the UiPath Team