Filter property for "Get Exchange Mail Messages"

Hello All,

Looking/Good to have a Filter property for “Get Exchange Mail Messages” as simillar to ‘Get Outlook mail messages’ ,

with this we can primarly increase the performance by retrieving specific timeframe mails using “Get Exchange Mail Messages” and so on…

@loginerror - Could you check this one

Hi @pradeepkintali

It seems reasonable and from what I could see, it is also being considered by our team. No promises on when, but it should eventually be implemented :slight_smile:


Cool @loginerror, Good to hear…
not seen any where that your team is being considered. Thanks for the information

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@loginerror - from your 1st Aug reply i can see that it is being considered by your team, Can i see any flag for that “As considered” / “in implementation” something likethis, for other ideas i’ve seen tag’s like"i_considered".

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@loginerror - looking to hear from you

@loginerror – Thanks for considering , Hope it will be helpfull to those who are working with “Get Exchange Mail Messages”.

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Hi All,
Has anyone achieved the above scenario…? (Filter exchange email messages)