Filter greater than or less than and not equal value from excel

Hi Team,

How to compare 1st column value to 2nd column value and find the greater value (integer)?
How to compare 2 column in excel and find whether given integer value is not equal to given other column integer value?


Hi @Riya_Sharma ! :smile:
To do so, we first need to

  1. read the excel file
  2. Loop through all the columns and replace empty values by 0 (optional, but as I don’t know what are your data I prefered to not neglect any use case :wink: )
  3. Loop through all the lines (what we call “rows”) and check if the value is > < or =

Here is a concrete example with a dummy excel file:
a.xlsx (9.3 KB)
Compare_two_columns.xaml (12.2 KB)

If the explanation is not clear, let me know ! :grin:

Hi @Hiba_B ,

I have tried the same,but it’s not working :confused:.
In my case I need to compare 2 column of excel and need to check whether value is equal to or not if value is not equal then need to write that value.
2)check whether 1st column has a value if yes then need to check the 2nd column value if it is blank then need to write that 1st column value.


Hi !
May you send me your xaml file and an excel with dummy data so we could look at it ?

Hey @Hiba_B ,

I am also having the same issue .please refer below table for ref:

Item A Item B
4 4
6 5
9 8

So from above table I have to compare item A col to item B col.
if value is not equal for eg in 1st row we have ‘1’ value in item A col but there is no value present in Item B col.So in that I have to type that value.And in 4th row we have ‘6’ value present in Item A col and ‘5’ in Item B col so that means it’s not equal so in that also I need to type that val.


Hi @Hiba_B ,@Riya,

Yes, I have also a same problem as Riya.


Okay thank you this is better explained. What happens if column A value and column B value are empty both ?

Ok here is another suggestion:
image Output: image

Is this the expected output ?
Here is the code associated: Compare_two_columns.xaml (13.1 KB)