Filter empty cells, and then write a formula

Hi i want to use a filter, to search for empty cells in Color column and then fill with the formula VLOOKUP, like in Number 6. (I’m using excel process scope)
I want to automatize this, so i’m using a filter activity, to search for empty cells
And then using a write cell to write the formula and a auto fill activity, the problem is that the data change daily, so the empty value can be in a diferent row, many diferents rows can have their color empty, or maybe all the colors are fill.

So when i filter and then write the formula “VLOOKUP(C7;G1:J8;TRUE)” the problem is that C7 will change and:
1: If is just one value empty, the auto fill activity doesnt work good.
2. If the filter doesnt find any empty Color, then i dont have to write the formula.
3. The C7 on the formula may change, depending on the first visible row after the filter.

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Hey @Ismael

I don’t think auto fill if required.

You can look through filtered dt & write the formula.

Hope this helps.


Read the sheet into a datatable. Loop through the datatable and populate the empty values. Overwrite the Excel file from the datatable.