How to write data in specific cell based on filters

I want to update an excel. In my table, I want to update the status of those cells where ID is missing. I’m successful till applying filter, But when I’m using write cell, it is asking me the exact cell where I want to write. But that cell will be based on where the ID is missing. So which activity will update status only in front of those cells.

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Hey @Sanket_Agarwal

What I suggest is to iterate the Data Table & update in the table itself based on the ID condition.

And the same can be written back to Excel using Write Range

Hope that helps


Hello @Sanket_Agarwal ,

Here maybe you can try the below approach.

Filter the table based on Null value in ID(As you mentioedn its working for you)
Get the First and Last datarow using Find First\Last Data Row activity.
use Autofir Range to update the values (Range you can modifiy based on first and last row(getting from step 2))


What I want is because B4 is empty, so only D4 should be updated as “Empty”. I’m successful till filtering out the blank cell. But what I’m not able to do is that how to write only in D4 or where ever column B cell is empty.

Thanks in advance!

In this table approximately how many total records will be there? If it is low can you use loop through each row and check whether B column is empty. Use if statement, if empty, write cell as “Empty”.

Data will be huge, approximately 1 lakh, even more rows. I tried IF loop but it didn’t work. I felt that “if” was not running even though there was no syntax error as such. Then I tried using filter activity and after that I used write cell. It worked but it is not mapping the status on that row where cell is empty, rather it is updating status in the first cell of the column. Can you help me with this, which activity should I use instead?

Understood… I think here in the Where to write you will have to use the index of the Row. Because when you filter also the Row number will not change as below screenshot. So what you can do is loop through each row after filtering and get the index and use that index in the Cell number. ( R3,R7 etc)…

I tried that and I faced no error just the problem is it is not writing in the cell. I’m attaching the SS of the sequence. I’m sure I have made some silly mistake. Can you help me find it. This is proving to be a real pain now.