Filter DataTable Column and Extract part of the String

Hi all,
I have a datatable with the columns “Title” and “Creation Date”.
First I need to filter by creation date = previous day and then count the nr of lines for each company code.

To obtain the company code, I need to extract part of the text, in the title column, as follows:
EMAIL LTR VAT ID - Complete LTR-document 7859154 / BUK= 0510 LF=BIRD & BIRD LLP

The BUK= XXX is the company code and so I need to count all the lines/items with BUK= 0510, in this example.

Anyone can help me?


Check below thread for Date filter

you can use Filter Datatable an write the column as “Title” Contains “BUK=510”

Hope this will help you


I tried that but the thing is that the datatable will have multiple company codes on the column title (company code = buk) and so I need a way to split and extract the buk and then count the number of lines for each buk and considering the initial filter of creating date = previous day(yesterday)

Let me know how to solve this.
Thank you,
Tiago Dias

Hi @Tiago_Dias

You can filter the data table in multiple ways. The below reference will be definitely helpful.

To extract the part of a string, either you can use ‘SubString’ or ‘RegEx’.

Thank you.