Filter Data Table using LINQ.xaml

Dear All
I used Data scraping to generate list of mobiles and prices.
I want filter mobile whose price equal or more than 7000.
While doing filter using LINQ.xaml am getting below error.
My program as below.

In Assign activity am getting error.
Plz help me to solve.Main.xaml (38.5 KB)

Can you please tell me the variable type you opted…
As it seems that yku need to select the variable type as integer or you need to convert that variable.


Here, str_T2 is what type of variable ?

Is it array of data row or not ?

Its of type array of data row “System.Data.Row

use the below query to achieve result.

(From a In str_T1.AsEnumerable where Convert.toInt32 (a (“Price”)) >=7000 select a).CopyToDataTable