Error when filtering data in excel

Hi Team,

Please be informed that i am going through 9th chapter i.e., “Excel & Data Tables” in UI Path academy training & when i try to filter the data from any excel i am facing the exception error “Object must be of type Double”.

Request you to help me out on this



@Suhas92 Change variable type to double

Thanks Indra,

I tried changing the variable to a double,. However I still cant filter the data.

Can you please share an example “XAML” if you have any so that I can compare and make the necessary changes to mine.

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@Suhas92 Can you share your workflow

In your “get row item” activity (if you’re using one), change the output variable to a double. If required you can then use an assign activity to convert to another variable, for example if you need a string instead you can assign StrVariable TO DblVariable.ToString

Hope this helps?

UI Path tends to see any number format in excel as a double, no matter what cell format is in the spreadsheet.

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Hi @KEntwistle,

I am using the “Read Range” & Filter data table" activity as shown in the Ui Path tutorial & during the filter table activity i am facing this error.

so can you share some light on this

Many thanks!!



I have attached my workflow.

Main.xaml (13.4 KB)

@Suhas92 can you attach Excel file


here is the excel

Employees300 orig.xlsx (26.9 KB)

I have the same problem! May I know is there any solution? Thanks!

Hello @Suhas92 and @annalyy

You have to change the ‘Value’ field inside your Filter Wizard to 10.0 (as a double) instead of 10 (as an integer).

Hope this helps.


Thanks @stevengoehler
I am not sure where to change the "Value field in the filter wizard.
From the properties panel or the function box, i cannot locate where the value field is…
Thanks again!!!

Hi @stevengoehler,

Thanks a lot, I changed the value to to double & it works.:blush:

Hey @annalyy,

Its the value field in the filter wizard. in your “filter wizard” (1st) screenshot change the 10(intgr) to 10.0(Double) then the workflow will work.

Have Fun!!


Thanks! It works now!!

Thank u stevengoehler,

Your suggestion has helped a lot…


So adding on to discussion, you might want to do some corrections in your essentials training.
When I open xaml file from answers .zip for this practice, it is throwing some errors:

resulting in filter data table step not loading at all.

And in the walkthrough for this practice, you are instructing to put “ID”<10, which is causing the problem specified initially in this thread