Filter Data Table missing old features?


Observed bug in 21.10 version of Studio and Robot

We have previously used the Filter Datatable activity in combination with inbuilt methods to help in comparing the values of the column.

In the earlier version upto 21.4 Studio and Robot, we could use this following syntax in the Filter Datatable activity but from 21.10 versions this feature does not return the correct results.


Here for example the Column Field allows use of methods "Column1".ToLower.Trim and use this value to compare, if met, remove the row. Essentiall, for every row in “Column1” perform .ToLower.Trim operations and then compare.

Current behavior
Before filtering

After filtering (incorrect result)

Expected result
The output should only result in the last two rows

Text Again,4
    Text Whitespaces   ,5

This feature was very handy, now we have to look into other forms of filtering, which increases developer overhead. Some of our processes which are run on older version of robot have run without any failures for the last 1.5 years.

We have tested this both in Debug mode and robot execution mode, both do not respect the added methods (in this case “Column1”.ToLower.Trim in the Column field )

Could this feature be reinstated in the upcoming stable version of Studio/Robot?
Here is the sample file for your tests :
FilterDatatableMissingFeature.xaml (10.0 KB)

Thank you for your efforts and consideration.

Hi @jeevith,

I have changed the filter condition and it is working now. Please find the screenshot below and try to execute the workflow again with the new condition.


Hi @sangeethaneelavannan1,

I am not looking for a solution on how to filter but rather why the inbuilt methods have been ignored for a given column.

The bug I am referring to is the inability of inbuilt methods to be called in the column field.

Check the second image in the post above.

The Column field used to allow (2020-2021.4 studio and robot versions) all possible methods for the given column type and enforced it on runtime. But now it ignores those methods.

@jeevith Awesome man…

Hope this bug will fixed soon…


Thanks for this report. I wonder what happened with this activity in the meantime.

Either way, it will be checked by our Studio/System activity package team :slight_smile:

Any update on this missing feature from earlier Studio versions?

I checked the workflow in 22.10.X, it still does not respect the methods on the column and I get the same result as in my initial post.