Filter Data Table Arguement Exception

when using filter data table in excel i got arguement exception. please help me out in this.

![filter wizard|

Hi @Rohit_Mittal

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Can u show the filter datatable activvity?

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Hi @Rohit_Mittal ,
You have to define both an “input datatable” and “output datatable”, they could be the same.
Can i have a view on the filter wizard a screenshot if possible
because we might have missed something in column field
make sure that we have mentioned the columnname between double quotes or with column index alone (just 0 or 1 or 2) as the column index starts from 0 for the first column


mam i have done already all this in advance. i have posted a picture of filter wizard. please have a look at this.

Hi @Rohit_Mittal ,

Filter Data Table activity looks fine. I’m afraid that the issue is triggered by the activities prior this activity.
What values have v1 at the beginning of the Filter Data Table activity? How v1 is generated in the first place? Could you please share more details about your workflow?

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i just use ctrl+K to use v1 at the first place in filter wizard.

Hi @Rohit_Mittal ,

Ctrl+K is used for the creation of new variables. In your case, if you’re using v1 for the first time within the Filter Data table activity, then you are trying to filter something that has no stored values neither defined columns, and it makes no sense.

Why do you need to filter something that doesn’t have any columns?


Hi @Rohit_Mittal

Could you please share the xaml file. Thanks.

Thanks all. actually i did silly mistake. thats why i got error.
Thanks all for your help.