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I need a helping hand.

I have an entity in the Data Service that contains contact emails. I would like to group all the information of the email “” to send all the data by email, do the same for “” and so on. Can anyone tell me how I can go about it?

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Hi @DimitriLYR

You may use Query Entity Records Acrtivity:

It will let you get all records that have “” and then perform other steps for them. The same could be done for “”.

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Hello, thank you for the response. The problem is that the emails can change. So in advance I don’t have the values.

Hi @DimitriLYR

You can use Query Entity Records activity firstly with no filter (or some other specific filter that defines which rows you want to process, eg. column processed = ‘no’ - it all depends on your business scenario) in order to get all rows from data service.

When you have all rows from the entity, by referring to the email field you can get list of unique emails that exist in you entity. Having list of all unique emails, you can query the data service again (Query Entity Records activity) with filter to email field applied.

Hello Marta, thank you for your advice. Can you tell me how to get the unique email list?

Hi @DimitriLYR

You can create variable of type list where you would store list of unique email addresses.

Create variable of list type and iterate through the output from Query Entity Records activity. For each item check email address - if it does not belong to the list with emails, append it. Else - omit.

Hi marta. thank you ! It’s running :slight_smile:

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