Retrieve GUID without Query Entity Records


I am using the data service to manage a series of relationships, containing information on owners, their clients, and individual client information tables. But have struck a bit of a wall when trying to upload the data to data service.

I have established the owners, table, but the process of using relationship fields to link tables together is not allowing me to use the owners email as a reference, instead I am required to use the corresponding GUID for the owner row.
The only way to grab this that I am aware of is through the query entity records and then using result(0) as my field.

Is there a more efficient way to pull this specific entity GUID without having to run queries every time? Such as an assign that works something like this:

ClientList.OwnerEmail = OwnerList.OwnerEmail(“Email”)

Hi Lewis,

Currently the best way to add a relationship field in this case is to querying for the specific related entity and assigning the GUID to the field.

That being said, we have a feature in our backlog that would be a lookup activity to get an individual record from a query list based upon fields and thus mitigate the need to continue to call queries.

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Thanks for the update @Jack_Miller, I look forward to hearing more about this update to make this process easier

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