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i have a task and want to automate it, please could you help me to automate this task

  1. filter data from text file (as attached text file “xxxxxxxxxx123456.log”)
    Head #06 GLOBAL TIME= 20025ms, PERSO=18216, SERVER= 1809ms, (i want Filter data from log txt file this format)
  2. save filter data into another txt file (given Name xyz)
  3. convert filter data into Excel file
  4. and create a line chart.
    xxxxxxxxxx123456.txt (4.1 KB)


Check below post for your reference

Hope this helps you


Thanks for your reply.

this is not helpful.
in this log have some garbage value, that is the main problem to remove column value.

Indra Vijay

Hi @IndraVijay

This was an interesting request! Although I have a solution for you, I suggest you review it. I may have not documented all steps. I wanted to show one way of solving this.

  1. First we need to clean the data. We can do that by first reading the log file contents and using InputText.Split(Environment.NewLine.TocharArray) this results in an array

  2. Next we iterrate through the array and look for lines where we can see some transaction and where the item is not empty string (newline charcter ) i.e., item.Length > 0 AND item.Contains("Card_Perso") and save it to a List (of String) We save the ouputs to a list

  3. We clear outputs from the new log file (we do this so that every run has a new temporary log file)


  4. We iterate through the list from Step 2. We know each item in the list is a entire line from the Input log file so we can then use Regex to match values so as to get the desired format of log

This will return a formatted text file : Head #06,GLOBAL TIME= 20025ms,PERSO=18216, SERVER= 1809ms

  1. We now can convert the results from Step 4 (new formatted log file) to excel. But to do that we first have to define a datatable and extract only the values of the cateogries for example Head #06 → Head as Column name and 06 as value

  2. We use the same .split method on newline charcter to extract an array of strings, on which we can use regex. The output from regex will give you values to be added to the Datatable we built in Step 5 using add data row. Finally outside the for each loop we use write range to make an excel file

Phewww that was a lot of manipulation, we have one last thing to do is to make a line chart.

For this its best to not reinvent the wheel so, lets use the very usefull charting library from @KanadMehta Chart Image Generator - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace . This library lets us customize a lot of properties and save the chart as an image file. It also supports many differnt types of charts. Cheers to @KanadMehta !

  1. We first read the generated excel file from Step 6, and use the Generate Chart Image activity

Since we are interested in only some of the values (your question did not mention on which variables you need line chart)

Output chart:

Attached are the project files: (66.0 KB)

Hope this helps!


@IndraVijay - Alternate approach would be using Group Regex, you can extract the value as shown below and write to excel and Text.


XAML: (41.7 KB) . If run this workflow, you will see a text file created with 13 entries.

Hope this helps…

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it is working.
Thank you so much for support and great help.

Indra Vijay

Thank you for support and great help to make automate this task.

Indra Vijay

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