How to filter date and time from data log text

I have task with process check last time in log on website browser. In my workflow, I get data log text with activity visible text and then I use send hotkey for paste to notepad.

Now I have a log in notepad, the problem is How do I filter data based on current date and retrive time based on 30 minutes at the end of the log?

Thanks in advance!

Can you share the website. Thanks.

no, this website is ip local logs company. can you help without having to know a website?

@Anggara_Rahmadhani Okay fine. How you are fetching these data. You are using data scrapping?

Kindly confirm to solve the problem. Thanks.

no, I using a get visible text activity… because I just need a last log of the page and then use activity send hotkey “ctrl+v” to paste on notepad.

hope you see my screenshot attachment


Check as below for your reference

Make text to a datatable, then this will easy to filter

Hope this helps you


Yeah, but in this case column seperator should be comma not space :wink:

thank you for your insight, but how do I filter data based on current date and time?

the condition is:

  1. for the example I’m check log in website 14:00pm > retrieve data log (log running every 5minutes) > if there have log between 13:30pm till 14:00pm > end process
  2. for the example I’m check log in website 15:00pm > retrieve data log (log running every 5minutes) > if not there movement log between 14:30pm till 15:00pm > send alert by email


You can use Filter Datatable for that

You can check condition as Datatable.Rows.Count > 0 means It has records, else It don’t have records

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can I see your workflow? I can’t get the data log (im running on 5pm)


But can you tell me is your time is 5PM, because will use the current system date and time


ya i’m running on the same time in my data log.
please, can you share your workflow?



Check as below (32.8 KB)


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