Filter and save Outlook mails

Hi everyone,

I am trying to work on creating a sequence with UiPath to automate the task of checking for unread email in Outlook that contains the word ‘Bill/Billing’ etc in the subject or email content. Afterwards, I will need to save any attachments in those emails.

I have created a sequence and did some testing on it, however the saving of email does not seem to work.

Would appreciate if anyone can provide me with guidance or help me understand!


SaveEmail.xaml (8.2 KB)

Here we go.
SaveEmail.xaml (8.7 KB)

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Hi ddpadil, thanks for your help once again!

I’ve tried implementing the one you have worked on, however it doesn’t detect the emails with the subject now and prompts me with the message box :frowning: could it be the Filter properties that was set incorrectly?

“[Subject]=‘Bill’ Or [Subject]=‘Billing’ Or [Subject]='Bill No.'Or [Content]=‘Bill’ Or [Content]=‘Billing’ Or [Content]=‘Bill No.’”

You can try this way Remove the filters and then in your for each loop place a if with condition{item.Subject.Contains(“Bill”) or item.Subject.Contains(“Billing”)or item.Subject.Contains(“Bill No.”)or item.Body.Contains(“Bill No.”)or item.Body.Contains(“Bill”)or item.Body.Contains(“Billing”)} other than the filters and implement ( item.attachments.any if block ) in true block

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subject filter working fine for me .
Studio version and mail package version?
Try to update mail package if available from package manager pane.

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Hi Sravya,

Thanks for the help, that was what i was looking for.

Regarding this:

implement ( item.attachments.any if block ) in true block

Where can i put this under? Do i use the Assign activity first?

Hi ddpadil,

The UiPath version is 2018.1.1 and mail package version is 1.1.6562.21018