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Hello Everyone,
i am new here and i would really appreciated if you could help me with this:
I need to program UiPath robot to open first 30 email with the followin criteria :

  1. unread messages and
  2. messages having an excel attachments and
  3. messages having red category marks.

I would really appreciated if you could give some advice regarding what activities should i use …
Thanks in advance

Hi @Ricchch

  1. In the property panel of the activity, check OnlyUnreadMessages property, set the filter as the:

“[HasAttachments]=‘True’ AND [AttachmentContentType]=‘application/’”

& output into a variable mailsList.

  1. Now take a Filter mail message activity & set the filter as “[Categories] contains ‘Red Category’”

  2. Iterate for the first 30 items & use save outlook attachments for the same.

Hope this helps,
Best Regards.


You need to use get outlook mail messages, for eahc loopto loop through each mail…then check the attachment type using if condition currentItem.Attachments.Any(function(x) x.Name.ToLower.Contains(".xlsx"))

Filter in outlook mail message activity: "[Categories] = 'Red category'"

Hope this helps


Thank you very much , :handshake:

Thank you very much :handshake:

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