Filter activity not working

I have one Excel file in which there are many duns data,I want to extract one duns the Excel file they have used some formatting like they have colour some cells.tobextract the data for one duns number I have used filter datatable activity it filter the data but it didn’t delete the unfiltered to resolve this issue?

Hi @Cuberoot ,
Have you check filter input/output data, keep and remove column?

You can share file and your filter activity?

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Hi @Cuberoot

Do you want to filter with the cell color or filter with the specific data.
Elaborate your answer more then only we understand and we will give the better solution for your query.

report.xlsx (15.1 KB)

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Hi @Cuberoot ,
You want keep only “688955830”
You can see my filter
my output

Can you do it in the same sheet?

can you clear it, I don’t understand

I want to filter the data in the same file.

that output I used your file
report.xlsx (15.1 KB)
I don’t quite understand what you mean, or can you share your expect output?
I will edit for you

report (1).xlsx (14.4 KB)

After filtering and recording the output, do the other data still need to be kept?
if like your output, i have another solution
we will copy the file to keep the format
read from A6, then get data, filter and record, otherwise the data to be filtered will be blank
what do you see?

but in the file their is date… that is the issue.I dont want other data

Yes, I see
we can get data from A-L columns
read then filter get only column A-L

is it possible to remove the unwanted data in the same file?

Yes, my idea is we get file to get temple, then filter and write back

what about date column?

I think you don’t understand my way
wait me a few minutes, I need test it then send to you

Hi @Cuberoot ,
My code
linq.xaml (12.4 KB)
my input
report.xlsx (15.1 KB)
my tempete
temple.xlsx (14.5 KB)
my output
report.xlsx (14.2 KB)
you can see and try it