Fill PDF File

Hey everyone,

I would like to fill a pdf file with text Boxes with data from an Excel file. I already defined my variables, but i don’t know how to get the data into the pdf file. Also the sreen sraping is not able to identify the field i would like to fill with data. The pdf File looks like this:
Thank you in advance for your help!antrag

Hi @Sofiaxx - Try with Send Hot Keys, the way how we type manually using short cuts keys. Its kinda giving search for a text “Name” and then give “Tab” then type the text.


Hi @Sofiaxx

Are you using any pdf editor for this?

I use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

@Karun I use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

can you explain it a with a bit more details, I think I don’t do it right now…
Thank you!


Licensed one right?

as per my knowledge, you should have licensed pdf editor then only we can edit the pdf if your editor is licensed one then you can record the steps how we edit the pdf files manually.

here sending Tab hotkey will be helpful to move cursor to next text boxes.

Open PDF file and use Send Hot Key (Shortcut Key for Search in PDF) and then move the cursor position using Send Hot Key (Like Tab, Left, Right) and Type Into pass the variable.


I tried it as you recommanded but if i press run the variable is always set in another textfield…
How can i make sure that it finds the right place to set the variable?

If you don mind send a sample PDF hence I will try to type into that PDF and let you know