Fill in Excel Values in Word


I have to replace words in my word document with my values from my excel file such that it fills in the letter. So for example I have a column Name with 8 rows and a column with Email which has also 8 rows, in the letter I have to let it fill in the first row at the part where it says name and email, than it should save and open a new letter and fills in the name and email of the second row, save that one and open a new letter and fill in the name and the email of the third row and so on… Does anyone has advice on the best way to do this? I tried it with Set Bookmark Content but it only replaces the values of the first row and than it stops, but I need it to be in a loop.

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Here you go with a sample xaml
hope this would help you (37.7 KB)

run the file to get the output sample

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