Excel to Word Automation

We have a Form with two columns : Field Name and Values.
Assume, there are 10 rows in the form. Field Name is pre-filled and ‘Values’ are blank.
The values needs to be picked up from an excel.
Please help me understand:

  1. How can I pick up values from excel and insert in the blank fields,
    Ex: For Name , I need to pick up from an excel file, and fill it in the word document.
  2. How will I identify the corresponding blank space for the field name?

Thanks in advance !

Are those Blank Names bookmarked with Corresponding Field Names? In such case you can use “Set Bookmark Content

No they are not bookmarked. Can you please explain me how to work on this approach?

Bookmarking is pretty simple.

For this approach, the bookmarks will be needed to be added to the sheet, which will require extra steps and alter the original file.
Is there any other way to to pick up values from excel and insert in the blank fields in the word document.

I can think of replacing First Name : __________ (whatever it is) with First Name : sachdeva using replace text activity.

Tried that, but didn’t work :frowning:
Since the ‘Value’ field is empty, there is nothing I can replace it with …

Send me the screenshot of how your word looks like.

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This is the sample file that I have attached screenshot of.