Browse To File - Using Custom Activity

i am tried to make an activity using uipath extension in visual studio C#.Net, everything going well except Browse To File feature that i want to add to select an file from current machine.
as shown in attached images:
in case (1)Red Color: i need to Set() property for WorkbookPath but as you see the (context) cannot be reached (Hint: AsyncCodeActivityContext context is used to transfer in/out arguments between Uipath and C# variables in activity execution time)
in case (2) Yellow Color: trying to set Content for ExpressionTextbox with Name(v_File_Path) but this way not work properly.

(i think case(1) is preferred but i cant reach the context which is used as a reference to uipath in/out arguments)

thanks for help


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Hey @Ahmed_ELShubaky,

You need to try something like two way binding.

This may help.



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Thanks For Reply @Nithinkrishna
Okay I Will try
but in general ur right

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