File Issue

Hi All,

I have one problem regarding the process of File :

I have one file that is being processed and completed for this week run so next week , if the new file has not been added there in the folder we dont want to process the same file again.

Condition: Newly placed File Name is same or may change.

How to do that without utilizing the asset and Config ? is there any way to do it by Code?



Move the file from
The current folder to completed…and if new file is again placed in the folder you need then process else calmly exit the process

Hope this helps


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Actually , I cant move also as per the need. I thought this one earlier also.

Hi @Ritesh_Burman

Maybe once the file is completed processed, rename the file, and add like a flag or tag at the end of the name, so next week we will check if the file are processing contains that flag or tag, if so, then it means that there is not a new file


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